Hödlmayr: Transport Information System

Project Details

Sally Engineering was able to help Hödlmayr accelerate the development of its TIS application by using a variety of methods, including:

  • Using a modern technology stack: Sally Engineering used a modern technology stack, including cloud computing, microservices, and agile development methodologies. This allowed Hödlmayr to develop and deploy new features more quickly and easily.
  • Automating processes: Sally Engineering automated many of the manual processes involved in developing and deploying TIS. This freed up Hödlmayr’s developers to focus on more strategic tasks, such as improving the user experience and adding new features.
  • Working closely with Hödlmayr: Sally Engineering worked closely with Hödlmayr to understand their needs and requirements. This allowed Sally Engineering to develop a solution that was tailored to Hödlmayr’s specific needs.

As a result of Sally Engineering’s efforts, Hödlmayr was able to:

  • Accelerate the development of TIS: Hödlmayr was able to develop and deploy new features to TIS much more quickly than before.
  • Improve the user experience: The user experience of TIS was significantly improved, making it easier for Hödlmayr’s customers to use.
  • Improve database performance: This was done by using a combination of indexing, and query optimization techniques. As a result, Hödlmayr was able to improve the performance of its TIS application significantly
  • Add new features: Sally Engineering added a number of new features to TIS, including the ability to track vehicles in real time, generate reports, and manage customer orders.

Overall, Sally Engineering was able to help Hödlmayr significantly improve its TIS application. This has allowed Hödlmayr to provide its customers with a better experience and improve its competitive position.

ClientHödlmayr International AG
SkillsMariaDB, Java, Angular
ManagerMarkus Welser